Temperature Controlled

Some of the product segments we cater i to are healthcare and pharmaceuticals, dairy, ice-creams, confectionery, ready-to-cook products, poultry and meat etc.

We provide end-to-end services through our team of experts and a solutions drive approach.

Vrelite Advantages

  1. Integrated Solutions of storage and movement: Multi temperature storage and transportation across India. Primary, Secondary & Tertiary movement in vehicles capable of maintaining product at different temperatures and running routes for store delivery on a definite time basis.
  2. Pan India presence .
  3. 24x7 Real Time Visibility: The centralised Central Control Tower tracks each vehicle and warehouse for temperature compliance, generating on-line alerts in real-time in case of deviation.
    Stellar Value Chain’s technology solutions provide end to end visibility and enhances the reliability of service to the customers
  4. GPS tracker & Geo Fencing of routes and locations.
  5. Data Loggers for monitoring temperature of the container.
  6. Blue Tooth based smart locks that operate on access and in the definite geo fenced locations (origin & destination).
  7. E- POD & E-billing systems.

This is the New Normal and we have taken all the measures to ensure safe and healthy workplace, at all distribution centers, fulfillment centres, warehouses and transportation hubs and branches. To know more about our operations in the new norma. Click Here

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