A Sector with two very distinct supply chains with their own unique challenges and thus requiring specialised treatment.

  1. Raw Material to Finished Goods (Manufacturing supply chain)
    • I2M Logistics Services
      • VMI Services on a JIT basis
      • Line Side Feeding Services
      • Returnable Assets Management (Totes, Bins, Trolleys, Emballages etc..)
      • Finished Goods Yard Management
    • Transport of Vehicles from Yard to Dealers across India
  2. After Market Sales of spares (Service supply chain)
    • Spare parts pick up from vendors
    • Spare parts warehouse management
    • Movement of spare parts to dealers across India

Vrelite Advantages

  1. Availability of Distribution Centres at strategic locations in and around the auto hubs ideally suited for consolidating, managing and supplying vendor inventory to manufacturing on a JIT basis.
  2. Capability of providing Line Feeding services with sequencing of parts, replenishment into supermarket and feeding parts & assemblies to the work station along the assembly line.
  3. Customized integrated Information Management system provides full visibility of Inventory, whether in transit or in storage, enabling customers to monitor the exact status of inventory in the pipeline.
  4. Our unique solutions for after market spare parts management is unparalleled in the industry. After market spare parts management is characterised by high throughput and differentiated order types like VOR, exports, express etc.
  5. Servicing VOR orders within 2 hours, consolidating dealer orders and using a Put-to-Light system for optimising outbound TAT
  6. Capability to do break bulk as well as kitting of spare parts in Excise bonded WH environment.
  7. Using sortation systems for facilitation of dispatch by state, region or pin code
  8. WMS has capability to manage both “Kit to Order” as well as “Kit to Stock” options as per need.

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