Vrelite has world class warehousing and transportation facilities for ambient

With the acquisition of Kelvin Cold Chain Solutions, Stellar offers integrated temperature-controlled, cold chain solutions for storage and transportation services including primary, secondary and milk run deliveries from warehouse to retail stores.Vrelite Value chain owns a fleet of vehicles of varying sizes and capacity fitted with reefer units capable of maintaining temperature as per the nature of the product.

Vrelite Advantages

  1. Best-in-class infrastructure for holding inventory at varied temperatures, including ambient
  2. Capabilities of handling of products that are both sensitive and of high value.
  3. Flexible and scalable storage solutions
  4. Resourcing ability to handle seasonal products such as ice-creams & confectionery
  5. Batch tracking & control and shelf life management
  6. Returns and disposal
  7. Milk runs for last mile delivery and returnable asset management
  8. Kitting, Bundling and Promo packaging services
  9. Centralised 24 x 7 control tower monitoring of each trip of movement of vehicles across India providing real time online tracking of vehicle movement

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