The inherent challenges in the fashion and retail supply chain remain, which are - very large number of SKUs, short life cycle, high volatility, low predictability and high impulse purchasing. Coupled with demand seasonality and ensuring that ‘out of stock’ situations don’t happen, the value chain requires flexibility in reaction time and agility in response time.

In fashion, the complexity further increases when these large number of SKUs have to be managed across channels.

Stellar Value Chain has mastered the supply chain operations for the Fashion, Lifestyle and Retail industry having worked with all large brands managing all types of complexities.

Vrelite Advantages

  1. Comprehensive support for bricks-and-mortar, e-commerce and omni channel retailing
  2. Since maximum sales happen over the weekend, our integrated offering of Warehousing and Transportation help in stocks replenishment at retail stores before the next weekend from anywhere in India.
  3. Our best-of-breed technology and automation allow us to manage fashion specific processes like multi SKU cross docking, handle sales sets, pre-packs and fulfil large volumes with speed, through Put-to-Light, Pick-to-Light etc.
  4. We have dedicated Returns Processing Centres which specialize in processing end of season returns by sorting, refinishing and making the products available for sale through discount stores, factory outlets, bulk sale etc.
  5. Our BI tool helps in promotions planning, event specific promotions in certain locations, targeted at certain consumer segments
  6. Capability to manage RTI, RTV and RTO returns.

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